Relazione tra BMI, WHR, livelli sierici di vitamina B12, acido folico e ferritina negli adulti

Relazione tra BMI, WHR, livelli sierici di vitamina B12, acido folico e ferritina negli adulti


Sabiha Zeynep Aydenk Koseoglu; Dilek Toprak; Nurhan Dogan




Aim: The evaluation of relationship between serum vitamin B12, folic acid, ferritin levels and anthropometric measurements (Body Mass Index and Waist-Hipp Ratio) in 18-64 years Turkish citizens.
Material and Method: The questionnaire including demographic features, health status, biochemical parameters(vitamin B12, folic acid, ferritin) was applied to the participants who were 18-64 years. Moreover their weight were measured by a delicate scales (Tanita HB 418) and height were taken by stadiometer. Waist – Hipp measurements were made by using a flexible tape recorder and all measurements were recorded. Their biochemical values were done by Sisli Hamidiye Etfal, Education and Resarch Hospital Lab. in Istanbul. Results: The findings in this study were obtained from 251 healthy volunteers. 72,9% (n:183) of 251 subjects were female and 27,1% (n:68) were male and mean age was 36,85 ± 12,17. According to findings there was found a
significant relationship between gender with BMI (body mass index) and WHR (waist-hipp ratio) (p=0,000). Additionally the waist-hipp ratio (WHR) measurements were higher in male than female participants and it
was statistically significant. According to gender vitamin B12 deficiency was more male than female. Besides the blood levels of hemoglobin (Hb), ferritin, folic Acid (PA) were lower in female than male (respectively, p=0,053; p=0,000; p=0,431). In this study, according to age BMI were observed and it was found meaningful relationship between them (p=0,000). Conclusion: The measurements of BMI and WHR of subjects can be related with serum folic Acid, ferritin and vitamin B12 levels. As a result there is more scientific research for supporting our study.




BMI, WHR, vitamin B12 level, folic acid level, ferritin level, adult