Preventive and therapeutic aspects of selected herbal medicines in diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is an endocrinological metabolic disorder in which patients have elevated blood glucose levels compared to normal healthy individuals. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus are the two major forms of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes mellitus accounts for more than 95% of the entire diabetic population. Incidence and prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus is increasing globally, especially in developing countries. Diabetes mellitus includes various complications associated with deterioration of function in the kidneys, retina, heart, and neurons. Complications associated with type 2 diabetes are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Taking care of treatment cost, it is necessary to explore and understand the current therapeutic aspects of herbal medicinal plants for the prevention of diabetes. The current review summarizes updated information related to the most widely used medicinal plants used in the treatment and management of type 2 diabetes. Additionally, this review discusses promising results and challenges associated with herbal medicine. Herbal plants are a good alternative for patients with type 2 diabetes and remains unique sources for future drug discovery.

by Dhananjay Yadav, Kyung-Hyun Cho

Progr Nutr 2017; Vol. 19, N. 2: 117-126 DOI: 10.23751/pn.v19i2.5976