Feeding the brain: the importance of nutrients for brain functions and health

‘We are what we eat’, said the philosopher Feuerbach. In fact, the quality of the food we eat affects our mind as well: the brain, which represents 2% of our body weight, consumes about 20% of the calories we eat each day. Follow a few rules could therefore help to feed properly our brain, so it works to the best of its ability. It is important to know properties of foods especially regarding their aminoacidic composition because aminoacids are components of neurotransmitters, molecules needed for brain transmission and function. It is also possible to choose specific food to prevent or support different diseases that affects nervous system.

by Roberta Altomare, Giuseppe Damiano, Vincenzo Davide Palumbo, Salvatore Buscemi, Gabriele Spinelli, Francesco Cacciabaudo, Giulia Lo Monte, Angela Maffongelli, Salvatore Fazzotta, Eliana Gulotta, Leonardo Gulotta, Silvia Altomare, Carla Maione, Attilio Ignazio Lo Monte

Progr Nutr 2017; Vol. 19, N. 3: 243-247 DOI: 10.23751/pn.v19i3.4821