Breast cancer: carcinogenesis, diagnosing and treatment

Breast cancer is the most common and deadly type of cancer that affects women worldwide. A good anamnesis, allied with a highly accurate diagnosis and a correct interpretation of the data acquired relies the best chance for the patient to receive the best treatment and, in this direction, improve the chance of cure and/or better prognosis. In all the cases, a good theoretical basis is fundamental. Thus, this update review in­tend to be a primary source on Breast Cancer, paving and consolidating knowledge in the field of breast cancer and helping physicians in their daily difficult task to deal with this disease.

by Marta de Souza Albernaz, Fagner Santos do Carmo, Edward Helal-Neto, Sofia dos Santos Nascimento, Ralph Santos-Oliveira

EUR. J. ONCOL.; Vol. 22, n. 2, pp. 53-64, 2017